Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New webstore update for December/ January 2009/ 2010!!

It's been a few months since we've updated the webstore and we've got a couple of new titles in there, notably some of the newer Release the Bats Records releases and the new Monozid album on both CD and vinyl LP format. Towards the tail end of 2009 the webstore didn't expand nearly as much, and there's been less new titles finding their way in there, but hopefully come the warmer months of 2010 we'll start to put some more new stuff in there. In the meantime, check out the new stuff:


-Monozid- Say Hello to Artificial Grey CD & LP

-Peter Wright Bright Failing Star LP

-Skull Defekts- the Drone Drug CD

-Blue Sabbath Black Cheer- Crows Eat the Eyes from the Leviathan's Carcass CD

-NTHnthsthSTH- A Uton and Anthony Milton Collaboration LP

-Raccoo-oo-oon- s/t CD

-Utmarken compilation 10"

Also, a few things have sold out, and some more titles are running low. We've also got the following things "on special" for the new 2 months:

Deadbeats- all the material by Deadbeats-related projects (that's Deadbeats and Jungle Crow) bundled together for $22.

Both Raccoo-oo-oon CDs we have in stock for $21.

Check it out!

Mt Sims presents: Happily Ever After....Again!!

Though it's not a Hungry Eye release per se, we are happy to announce the teaming up of Mt Sims with Italy's Punch Records for the release of Happily Ever After... Again. After the release of Happily Ever After, Matt continued to work non-stop in the studio on new material with one song following the other. By the time a european version of Happily Ever After was under consideration, there was enough a wealth of new material and the european version started to look like a sequel to the story of Happily Ever After. Included are alternate mixes of "the Bitten Bite Back," "Grave," and "Love's Revenge" from Happily Ever After, and "Unwound" from the A Grave EP along with 10 new never before released songs. This will be out in late January 2010 and is available for pre-order now (in a pre-order package that includes a limited edition t-shirt). Have a look here for pre-order information!

Some more info below:

Like the sequel to a novel, Mt.Sims (Matt Sims) returns with his magnum opus entitled "Happily Ever After...Again!" as the final response to his previously released album "Happily Ever After". This new album begins where the last one left off, asking the questions "why am i here", and "how can i transcend myself". With songs like Grave and The Bitten bite back linking the past to the present, Sims's text dissect the human condition, giving it a hard look and pointing out the repercussions and could be repercussions of our behavior. As one sinks deeper in the head of Mt.Sims, it becomes clear that this album is a story dealing with faith and the worship of ideology. From the perspective a solider with many faces, Sims skips around from army to army, side to side, life to death, present to forgotten. From song to song, the one can hear a voice questioning his own identity and the way that he sees the world. Candy coated, a song of violent obsession, screams in ending "how could you love me to destroy me?" Disappearing act drives like a car on a never-ending highway. What the driver must deliver is his own soul. As Sims sings " I see my footprints on the floor but i can't see myself anymore", one can realize the voice crying out from the speaker, in an acousmatic tradition, is separated from its owner who at this point has vanished from site. As the Soldier changes faces, he is Orpheus, he is a Kamikaze pilot, he is the ghost of childhood, he is a gypsy and he is finally Matt Sims. This album is a journey where fiction and fact intertwine and leave cold impressions about human behavior and our need to believe in something. Lyrically this album shows that most of the time our ideologies need us. From floating psychedelic textures and screeching synths to strange yet beautiful melodies that writhe and twist around deadly disco beats, one can come closer to understanding the necessity of contradiction in modernity. One may find themselves by losing themselves in this soon to be cult classic. A mixture of Electronic and acoustic, this album delivers an environment to question all that you believe is true.... but don't believe a word we say.



1. The Bitten Bite Back
2. Grave
3. Love's Revenge
4. Unwound
5. Candy Coated
6. Disappearing Act
7. In Exile
8. Hellbent
9. New Authority Volunteers
10. Fall Back
11. The Shattering Of Cyrstal
12. A Simple View
13. Fragile Breaks Fragile
14. Shelter

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hungry Eye webstore update September 2009

It's been a while since the Hungry Eye webstore has seen an update, but we've got a few new things up on the webstore. New releases by DC's the Opposite Sex (their brand new EP), the limited self-released CDRs by Black Ice entitled Block Ice, two LPs from Sweden's Tar... Feathers by way of a German label, a restock of the second Frustration CDEP "Full of Sorrow", and some new stuff and restocks by Dead Beat Records (check out Juanita y Los Feos). After slowing down a bit on the webstore front, we hope to swing it into to full gear again shortly with some new material that will be showing up there in the coming months.

Additionally, we made put together some special deals for those that are interested. To start with, there's an Opposite Sex bundle (get their debut album Violent Heartstrings and the new Live and Burn for $19). Then there's a bundle of material from Aussie label Dual Plover. This is the same label that brought you Naked on the Vague--which we had, but has since sold out. They've got a catalogue full of similarly minded weirdness. For $30 you can check out CDs by Gina V. D'Orio (singer of Berlin's Cobra Killer doing her own side project), New Waver, and Volvox. And finally, our good friends from Spain, Lineas Albies have both of their full length CDs on import from Spain for a mere $20.

Get all of this at : http://www.hungryeyerecords.com/store.html

Additional Recommendations:

- Secret Society of the Sonic Six. http://www.myspace.com/thesecretsocietyofthesonicsix
[We have a bunch of their self released vinyl material and a CD as well. Limited stuff, most of which I believe is sold out elsewhere. Bizarre electro sounds, quite interesting. Spectacular stuff, really, and they've got a forthcoming record coming out on Troubleman Unlimited, so you know more eyes and ears will be focused on them shortly.]

-Mac Blackout. http://www.myspace.com/macblackout
[Not unlike the notorious Blank Dogs in that this is the brain-child of a single person composing some demented pop songs. Mac Blackout is a former member of Chicago's the Functional Blackouts and and a current member of Daily Void branching off to record his own material. Already releasing a slew of singles on the likes of Sacred Bones and FDH, and getting some rave reviews at the likes of Terminal Boredom and Victim of Time. We hope to get some more of this guy's records in; for now we've got both things released on Dead Beat; the self titled LP and the Rabies Babies CD. Both are great.]

NOTE: As our friends and customers know, we send an update out like this very infrequently. If you'd prefer not to get something like this, simply let us know.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Red Voice Choir- Apparitions out now... for FREE download!

The last, sadly posthumous EP by the short lived but very promising Red Voice Choir is now available from Hungry Eye as release EYE19. In conjunction with the band, as promised, we are offering this record to download for free through our website.
Check out the band's page on the Hungry Eye site right here and go right ahead and download the EP from this link right here.

Copies of their previous EP "A Thousand Reflections" are still available on our webstore and through the great Atakra Records if you'd like to pick those up as well!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

new Red Voice Choir EP out soon on Hungry Eye

True, true, our next physical release will be the long-awaited Missing Foundation reissue. But in the meantime, we've worked with the fine folks in Red Voice Choir to bring you this band's final 4 song EP as a free download. If you've checked out their previous, impressive "A Thousand Reflections" EP on Sam Atakra's Atakra Records you might have noticed this band contains members of Black Ice and Death of A Party, and the Holy Kiss's original bass player Dawn. Quite a line up boasted there, we definitely definitely had our eyes on these folks. The band dissolved not too long ago due to other commitments, though not before making sure to get another 4 tracks recorded in a studio that were too good to be shelved.

Stay tuned for more details (in fact, you can start by having a look at the newly minted RVC page on the Hungry Eye website), in July you'll be able to download the new EP entitled "Apparitions" for absolutely free from the Hungry Eye website!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mt Sims- new video for "Grave" out now!

Berlin based band Mt. Sims has just released a video for the song "Grave" off of the recently released third album album on Hungry Eye Records entitled "Happily Ever After". The song, says vocalist/ guitarist Matt Sims, "deals with human nature which, going along with animal nauture, has a tendency to fight against itself. Willingly we fight and defeat ourselves in an attempt to save ourselves." Produced by photographer and former East Village Radio program director Echo Danon and directed by Danon and Bart Grieb, and shot on location in the abandoned Spree Park in Berlin. Danon is a long time collaborator with Matt Sims, having previously shot photos for the band, done some production work for the previous Mount Sims album "White Light" and background vocals on the Mount Sims/ the Hacker track "Traces," and even worked with Matt on the band/ project So Does the Fire (http://www.myspace.com/sodoesthefire). Grieb is is an independent film director and visual artist, as well as the president of Cygnet Films. This is his first project with Mt. Sims.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Work on Missing Foundation reissue completed!

It's about time, isn't it?

We're very pleased to share that the work on the Missing Foundation reissue has officially been finished, and the whole project will be going to press at the end of March/ beginning of April. We'll continue sharing news of its progress and will announce an official release date once proofs have been approved, but we can hope for a release on this finally in early summer of 2009.

Look for the entry on the Augenmusik blog for more details and a sneak peak at some of the mock ups in their final stages.